Energy saving Prospective project 2017
An average household consumes about 500 kWh per year on lighting alone, with an average of 25 lighting points spread throughout the home. It is almost impossible to estimate how much energy is consumed in real time and that explains why there is a waste. The following system is an electrical connexion synthesis of a home in real time. The main aim was to reify the invisible energy used by giving it a weight and a shape. An analogy with the iceberg has further allowed to express the concept of balance conveyed by the principle of saving. The evolution of the holography tool and connected objects presents important insights for home automation. That’s why designing energy synthesis in order to show the quantity of energy used in real time could be essential and easiere to achieve an appropriate dosage.
Let's dare to dose!
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muette Yvan Caillaud
Finding a balance is also apportion. With the following system, the user regulates each lamp with a global view and can indeed choose to increase lighting of the room he is in by switching off other lamps. The device proposes an energical split of the home, but also depending on the rooms. The user can proportionnaly dim all the light appliances of a room thanks to a holographic interface. There are two icebergs, one for lighting, and one for heating. Two uses where energy saving can be done. Each iceberg is composed of stratifications corresponding to each electric device switched on. The more the device consumes energy, the more the corresponding stratification gets bigger, thus sinking the iceberg. A waterline on the iceberg indicates the level to maintain for a reasonable consumption. As a balancing game, the user has to target the line by adjusting each electrical device. To help them, stratifications change color depending on the corresponding devices use. The higer the usage, the more the stratification gets darker and vibrates. In this way, the user has been notified of a high use and can act. Again, the designer has positionned himself between the user and the digital tool in order to ensure an ethical and playful use of it.


Normal consumption in terms of the number of habitants and the hour.

Sinking line

Abusive consumption. It’s time to act. The strafications of useless switched on devices vibrates and gets darker.


Green Zone

Consumption substandard, energy saving of available energy.

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